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Hailing from Denver, Colorado, MY OWN IRIS creates hard rock music that combines emotion, musicality, shifting time-signatures and a touch of prog-metal-technical-riffing together with radio-friendly hooks.  The result is a sound that is complex enough to satisfy the rockers and metal heads, yet easy enough to digest for the pop crowd.  MY OWN IRIS seeks to prove that not only is rock not dead, it is thriving and intelligent! 

Lead vocalist Danny Pappas spins epic lyrical tales that weave seamlessly around Calvin Cohee's spiraling and emotional lead guitar.  Rhythm guitarist Luke Anderson, bassist Jason Dorwart and drummer Jason Ricker join forces to create powerful rhythmic patterns that are at times broad and powerful as a tsunami, and at other times jagged and unpredictable as a mine field. 

With accomplished musicianship, a strong work ethic and a wide appeal to a diverse fan base, MY OWN IRIS is set to take the music world by storm!  Already a massively popular act in their hometown, the band is rapidly expanding their foothold in surrounding states!  Check out the tour calendar to see when MY OWN IRIS is coming to your city!

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Ibanez, Music Man, Schecter & Gibson guitars, Warwick Basses, Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, EVH & Orange amplification.

  • Crown2:36
  • Tinnitus3:07
  • Skyline7:04