DANNY PAPPAS - Lead Vocals

Danny's musical journey began at the age of twelve, when he picked up his first guitar.  his musical interest quickly grew and at the age of fifteen he also began developing his vocal abilities.  As the band's primary lyricist, Danny uses a wide variety of images and emotion to guide listeners on their journey, deftly navigating the sonic landscape laid down by his band mates.  Danny's tall and brooding frame compliments his dark and swooning melodic delivery and creates a mesmerizing listening experience.

JASON RICKER - Drums, Backing Vocals

Jason grew up in a small town outside of Boston, were he picked up the drumsticks for the first time around the age of nine.  A multi-instrumentalist, Jason had formal music education in both high school and college and has played in a wide variety of musical settings.  His unique playing style is the result of this wide range of influences and showcases everything from thunderous tribal polyrhythms to funk-influenced grooves.  Jason also adds some additional flavor to the band's vocal harmonies.

JASON DORWART - Bass, Backing Vocals

Born and raised in the Denver metro area, Jason began his musical journey at the young age of five.  Having studied piano, cello and double bass while playing in a myriad of ensembles and styles, from jazz to metal, Jason's musical knowledge is extensive.  His intricate bass lines not only hold down the bottom end, but ebb and flow throughout the sonic spectrum, a-la Cliff Burton or Jaco Pastorious, adding counter-melodies and interesting musical flavors.  Jason also provides most of the band's vocal harmonies.

LUKE ANDERSON - Rhythm Guitar

Luke began his study of guitar in middle school in his native South Dakota.  Influenced by hard rock from the 90's and 2000's, Luke's playing indicates that  he spent much of that time rocking out to tracks from Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and TOOL, among others.  Luke met Danny in 2011 and formed the basis for what would eventually become MY OWN IRIS.  His impeccable timing and razor-sharp riffs are always showcased in the band's live and studio performances.

CALVIN COHEE - Lead Guitar

A native of Sacramento, CA., Calvin's formal guitar training is evident from the first note.  Echoing the masters under which he has studied, Calvin rips through intricate, spiraling  melodies, taking the audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride.  A prodigious player from an early age, Calvin's dedication to his craft would make his heroes proud.  His blindingly fast and meticulous fretwork is a wonder to behold during live performances and his sweeping melodies are a perfect compliment to Danny's lyrics.